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Jane Dean, paralegalJane Dean, paralegal

After many years of working in the legal system, Jane Dean realized her passion for the law and wanting to give back.  She then realized that a future providing legal services in a friendly, respectful, and affordable manner was the career choice for her.

Jane began her legal career as a secretary at the firm of Blakes, Cassels and Graydon in downtown Toronto, Ontario.  Since then, she has worked in a variety of roles within the legal profession including working at the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Halton Region Crown Attorney’s Office, the Kitchener-Waterloo courthouse and for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Education & Licence

In 2016/17, Jane attended Conestoga College’s Post-Graduate Paralegal program graduating with high distinction and earned her P1 Licence in 2017.  Her extensive experience working in the judicial system and producing transcripts has prepared Jane to assist those that need legal representation and given her a wide breath of knowledge of legal principles amid the legal system.

Authorized Court Transcriptionist

Jane is also an Authorized Court Transcriptionist, able to produce certified verbatim transcriptions for matters heard in the Criminal, Family, and Small Claims Court jurisdictions.

Reilly Cservenyi, paralegalReilly Cservenyi, paralegal

Growing up, Reilly Cservenyi was always involved in charities and social work as her parents fostered children and her mother ran a charity in Guelph.  The desire to help people and give back to the community is in her blood.  This desire to contribute as well as a competitive nature drove Reilly towards a career involving the law and the process of working to resolve legal disputes.

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a BA, Reilly attended Humber College, enrolling in the Paralegal Education Program, and graduated with Honours in 2016.  Shortly thereafter, Reilly began a legal career by joining the Smith Valeriote Law Firm where Reilly was a Law Clerk for two years with a special focus on Small Claims Court litigation.

In 2018, Reilly started a career at National Recovery Corp, which operates primarily as a collection service, as the sole in-house paralegal.  Reilly understands Small Claims Court processes, from the commencement of a claim, through to enforcement of a judgment.  Reilly is able to navigate the complicated procedural waters of the Small Claims Court, ensuring that you are both comfortable and confident throughout the process.

Reilly always wanted a career offering an opportunity to make a noticeable difference in the lives of others and the legal field continues to fulfill that opportunity.

Dean Cservenyi LLP provides services for clients located in Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, Bloomingdale, Kitchener, among other places!

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