Impact of Driving without Insurance

Sep 8, 2020

No Insurance? Big Problems.

Do you know what happens if you are caught driving without insurance?

Driving without auto insurance is an offence under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. It is not a criminal offence, so a conviction will not appear on your criminal record and you might not be arrested. So, if a conviction does not go on your criminal record, surely it can not be all that bad, right?

If it is discovered that you are driving without insurance, a number of things can happen, and the consequences start as soon as you are pulled over. The police officer is going to issue you a court summons – a ticket that has a court date on it. You must appear in court on that date. Your vehicle will likely be towed at your expense and you will have to find another way home.

The court date has arrived and you have shown up for your hearing. What is the likely outcome of a first conviction for driving without auto insurance under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act? A fine of between $5000 (minimum) and $25,000 (maximum) and a possible license suspension for up to a year. The fine will also have a victim fine surcharge of 25% of the fine added to it and court fees on conviction. Your vehicle may also be impounded for up to 3 months.

If this is not your first offence, you can be fined between $10,000 and $50,000 and have your license suspended for up to a year. The impound for up to three months also applies here.  

The impact does not stop there. Your insurance rates will likely become less affordable. So, if you are caught driving without auto insurance, what is the impact on you? It will cost you far more than the money you hoped to save from not obtaining insurance.

We recommend calling DC Paralegals’ POA specialist as soon as possible if you have any concerns regarding driving without insurance or other traffic-related matters.